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Get to grips with key negotiating methodologies, the main pillars and the typical structure and learn what kind of mindset will get you there. 

Growth Mindset

People with a growth mindset see challenges and failures as opportunities to learn and develop. This class teaches you how to grow your growth mindset.


How do you have impact. What is your personal mission? How do you make a difference that inspires? A fascinating class.

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Our courses cover topics that will accelerate your development, professionally and personally. Based on successful competency models used in big brand names, they will ensure both short term and long term impact.


Covering all essential career and life skills to ensure engagement, effectiveness, commitment, and personal development


Practical guidance for quick impact


The training investment that will pay off, now and tomorrow


Content based on big brand names practices

Mix of theory, practice and real life examples

Self paced training, videos with voice over

Subscription based. 50 classes and growing

Works on any device

with optional 1-1 coaching

In addition to the online classes, you can sign up for 1-1 coaching by one of our top coaches, with proven experience in career and life coaching both in the US and Europe.

Growing endorsements

Launched end of 2023, The Career Cube gets a growing number of users, both companies and individuals. Quietly being noticed by renowned publications, The Cube will become an appealing solution for people and organizations who are looking for a training solution that just gets it.

You will love it

Having worked at some of the most successful companies  (e.g. Apple, Nike, Amazon) in exec level roles, we have put together a portfolio of classes that touches all key competencies you need to thrive


Skill development on hot themes today, like Having Impact, Sustainability, Integrity


Make yourself stand out to others


Get Course Certificates upon completion that can be shared online


“In the years I worked with Jeff, he coached the managers and executives in what it means to live and work overseas, in a country other than your own. The other critical element is Jeff is deeply focused on the HR levers to move the people side of the business.  Jeff understands and can impact an organization’s’ development, and influence leaders to make the right decisions.”

Georgette Verdin, CPO

Amazon.com, Microsoft, Novartis

Coaching is all about letting the potential bloom. Rogier coached me during my Nike years. It has had an impact for live and steered me to a successful career. Next to his professional approach, working with Rogier also means being coached with a pinch of fun.”

Jacqueline Biersma, Global Assignment Director


Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Career Cube?

Career Cube.io is a platform for career & life-competency enhancement. It offers a large number of online classes that are geared to accelerate people’s personal and professional growth. Created by a team of international career experts, it zooms in to all those ‘competencies’ that matter today and tomorrow. Based on common practice in top notch global companies, and tweaked for today’s evolving needs, it readies people for things to come. It sets you up to propel yourself to excellence, get the best out of you, in a natural way.

What do I get when I take a subsciption?

Your subscription will include the following services and products:

  • Access to an evergrowing offer of online competency-classes (currently 50). These are classes that include theory and practice, and will typically take 1 to 2 weeks each. A large part of each class is practice and trying things out.
  • On your request The Career Cube can add new classes on topics you care about. The topics should fit in the scope of The Career Cube, i.e. concern generic  themes or competencies. Production of new classes will take between 3 and 4 weeks. Priority is given to additions suggested most.
  • You will have access to competency-specific forums, to exchange views, insights and learnings.
  • Optionally (and at additional cost) we can offer 1-1 career coaching.
What about the quality of the material?

The classes are created by a team of career and higher ed experts, with excellent backgrounds, including teaching at US West Coast business schools, and exec roles in large and successful companies in the US and Europe.

The material is taken from best practice at large companies, some of which was co-created by the CareerCube team, and updated to the latest trends and changes relevant for today’s and tomorrow’s world or work.

Is it suitable for me, independent from where I am in my career?

Sure it is! We created the materials particularly with three types of users in mind:

– College students. I.e. people who are approaching the last part of their studies and getting ready for their first job. The thinking here is that college often lacks a good preparation for landing a work environment. Our program helps you fill that gap.

– Early Career Professionals. I.e. people who are in their 1st or 2nd job and experiencing their real strengths and areas for development. Our offering helps them to both further enhance their talents, and address their development needs.

– Mid Career Professionals. I.e. people who are at a point that they want to make a choice. Pursue what you are doing? start another job? Our programs are very useful in terms of addressing the latest needs and requirements in work life. CareerCube.io is keen to support your up-skilling or re-skilling.

We recently also got some members who actually are at the last phase of their careers and were looking for ways to get ready for stepping up their ‘fit’ to job requirements, up-skilling them to complete their careers with success.

Is it suitable for people living outside of the USA?

Yes it is!

The materials are created by an international team with a lot of experience in all five continents.

Some of our recent members are based in Australia, South Africa and China. Some of them took the CareerCube.io membership to prepare for their studies in the USA. But the materials are created such that they can be used across the world.

Who is behind The Career Cube?

The Career Cube is founded and led by Dr. Jeff Leinaweaver and Rogier Rijnja. Jeff is American, works at the University of Washington and has a trackrecord as a professor in West Coast business schools, and HR Expert at renowned US Companies.

Rogier Rijnja, Dutch, is an executive coach and career expert, bringing in a wealth of HR experience in exec and board roles at renowned US and European multinatioonal companies.

They are backed up by a network of specialists, including psychologists, educational development experts and business leaders.

CareerCube is part of Likemymind America Inc, a company that aims to offer refreshing solutions to career quests.

How much is it?

We are currently running an introductory offer of 7 days free trial. You can also skip that and sign up for $19.95 a month, cancellable each month. A crazy-low fee that gives access to 50 online classes (and growing). 

When you take an annual subscription you get a 50% discount. That’s less than $10 a month!

What are the payment methods?

We make use of the Stripe payment method. This is a trusted global player, known for excellent security. This allows you to use any credit card of choice. In addition you can use Paypal to pay your subscription.

Do I pay each month?

For individual members we have two options. You either pay per month, and your membership is automatically continued each month, unless you drop us a mail before the end of the month ([email protected]). Or you take a yearly subscription and pay for 12 months upfront. When you pay annually, you benefit a 50% discount on membership fees!. Please note, that also the annual memberships continue automatically unless you give notice to us before the end of the year ([email protected]).

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“Everyone deserves success. How this translates is personal: wealth, impact, independence.

Career Cube aims to unlock your personal talents to get you there. We’ve seen and done it. And offer our learnings to you, backed up by extensive research.”

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