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Effective communication: one of the core competencies to develop.  It’s about clearly and accurately conveying information and ideas, as well as to listen actively and understand the perspectives and needs of others. In this fully packed class we teach you the key components of effective communication.

Relationship Intelligence

Relationship Intelligence, or RQ, is the ability to understand, interpret, and respond appropriately to social cues, to build positive relationships, and to influence others effectively. This class takes a closer look at skills like empathy, active listening, effective communication, and conflict resolution.

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence, or CQ, is to understand, appreciate, and work effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds. The class covers a set of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skills and abilities that enable individuals to adapt to different cultural situations and navigate cross-cultural interactions effectively.


Influencing in an organizational and leadership context is about the ability to persuade, motivate, and inspire others to act in a particular way. It is an important aspect of leadership, as leaders are often called upon to influence others to support their vision, goals, and initiatives.

Organizational Insight

Organizational insight refers to a deep understanding of the inner workings, culture, and dynamics of an organization. This class is designed to help individuals understand organizations better, predict their behavior, and make better informed decisions.

Conflict Management

This class dives deep into the strategies and techniques used to resolve disagreements, disputes, or differences of opinion among individuals or groups, such as the role of emotion in conflict, conflict management styles, active listening, effective communication, problem-solving approach and negotiation skills.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) refers to the ability to recognize, understand, and manage your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. This class delves particularly into self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

Team building

Team building is the process of creating a strong and effective team dynamic among a group of individuals who work together towards a common goal. This class includes activities and exercises that help to improve communication, collaboration, trust, and problem-solving skills among team members.

Talent Development

Talent development is at the core of managing your people. Offering the right place to grow. Getting the best out of them. Coach them, mentor them. And ensuring succession of critical roles is in place. A fully packed class with great impact.



Inventive leaders are able to identify opportunities for growth and find new and innovative ways to solve problems. They  are often able to create a culture of innovation within their organization, encouraging others to think creatively and take risks. By coming up with new and innovative ideas, individuals can demonstrate their ability to think critically and solve complex problems. This class will grow your inventiveness.


Conviction is a firmly held belief or opinion. It’s the confidence that what you believe is true, even in the face of opposition. This competency is vital in decision-making, leadership, and personal development. In this class we will explore how to grow your conviction, so you can follow your goals more effectively.


A heart-centered approach to leadership and career involves aligning one’s actions with a sense of purpose and passion, and being guided by personal values and principles. It means operating from a place of authenticity, empathy, and compassion, and prioritizing the well-being of others. An inspiring class.


Humility refers to the quality of being humble, open to feedback, and willing to learn from others. Leaders who possess humility are able to acknowledge their limitations and mistakes, and are willing to listen to feedback and learn from others. They are not afraid to admit when they do not know something, and they are open to new ideas and perspectives. We will discuss in this class how to grow your humility professionally.


Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It’s about doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

It’s like being your own referee in the game of life. In this class we will examine how to grow your integrity.


While many people may think of self-care as solely a personal or private matter, it can also be viewed as a professional competency that is necessary for effective leadership, and purposeful, intentional career development. Self-care involves taking deliberate and proactive steps to manage one’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Let’s explore how.

Story Telling

Storytelling is the art of communicating ideas, messages, or information through narratives that captivate attention and ignite imagination. People ask for data, but believe stories. There’s a special quality to a story told well and the natural impact it has on others. In this class we will offer the key steps to make story telling a natural way of communicating for you.


Impact is the ability to create meaningful and positive change through one’s actions, decisions, and work. It is a valuable skill for leadership and career development because it allows individuals to contribute to a greater purpose, make a difference in the world, and create a legacy that inspires others. Let’s explore how to find your personal mission and how you can have your impact.


“In the years I worked with Jeff, he coached the managers and executives in what it means to live and work overseas, in a country other than your own. The other critical element is Jeff is deeply focused on the HR levers to move the people side of the business.  Jeff understands and can impact an organization’s’ development, and influence leaders to make the right decisions.”

Georgette Verdin, CPO

Amazon.com, Microsoft, Novartis

Coaching is all about letting the potential bloom. Rogier coached me during my Nike years. It has had an impact for live and steered me to a successful career. Next to his professional approach, working with Rogier also means being coached with a pinch of fun.”

Jacqueline Biersma, Global Assignment Director


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