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Power classes that accelerate your growth

The Career Cube provides an ever growing realm of courses that propel your knowledge and skills to the top 5% of your organization.

Get coached by industry experts

Inside The Career Cube you’ll be coached by Dr. Jeff Leinaweaver & CHRO Rogier Rijnja to contribute to your success 1 on 1.

Access to a global network of peers

Get in touch with people who share your experience. exchange views, through forum discussions moderated by the Cube team, or Monthly Meets on selected topics.

Who Should Take This Program?

Anyone who is interested in breaking through, but is looking for the right angle to do it, affordably and with impact.  

This densely-packed program features a balanced combination of theory and narrative. With 100+ hours of educational material you’re going to get all the necessary knowledge for building a successful career.

It’s been designed for those looking to learn about proper communication, people management, mindset development, and actual work skills in different industries without spending tens of hours on research.

It’s easy to follow and appropriate for anyone interested in the subject, but it’s still intellectually challenging. No prerequisite knowledge is required.

The 6 Big Aspects of a Successful Career



Purpose is about you having an impact in your environment and growing your integrity.



Results is about knowing how to get things done the right way.



Mindset is about how you look at things by nature and how to develop your point of view.



People is about how you best interact with others.



Self is about self-awareness, readiness to act and personal strength.



Roadblocks or pitfalls are the things we all encounter more or less and we will talk with you about ways to mitigate or even avoid them

How Will This Program Help You?

Discover the implicit strengths and weaknesses in your skillset and how they can be leveraged to thrive in the world.


Improve your ability to deal and communicate with people around you. Success is built on coherent and proper communication skills.

Acquire the right mindset and approach. Individuals with a growth mindset are more apt to learn new things, push themselves, levelup their skills. and succeed in life.

People are the most essential contributors toward organizational success. No doubt. But then again, how to get the best out of them, work with them?

Understand yourself better. Self-awareness effectively enables an individual to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses.

Learn valuable insights that can improve many aspects of your life from work to your personal development, career, and relationships.

“The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.”

—Mortimer Adler.

Who We Are

Dr. Jeff Leinaweaver

Jeff Leinaweaver, Ph.D., GPHR, American, co-founder, is a senior human resources leader and certified sustainability professional with a unique track record of helping some top organizations…

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…address challenging talent acquisition, workforce planning, and leadership development and sustainability/ESG needs. He works at the University of Washington and writes on sustainability, and intercultural management, and wrote or contributed to several books and publications on Storytelling.

Rogier Rijnja

Rogier Rijnja, LLM, Dutch, co-founder, has an extensive background in executive human  resources roles and board roles with American and European…

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…multinational companies. (Apple, Nike, Amazon, Reckitt Benckiser, Sara Lee/JDE, Danone/Numico). Rogier did Law School. He is an executive coach and entrepreneur.

And he is a board member of the Bennink Foundation, a charity that supports global projects in Health care, Wildlife, Children and Art.

Class Curriculums

Here's What You're Gonna Get Inside Each Class...

Select a Theme:

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Impact is the ability to create meaningful and positive change through one’s actions, decisions, and work.
It is a valuable skill for leadership and career development, because it allows individuals to contribute to a greater purpose, make a difference in the world, and create a legacy that inspires others. Let’s explore how to grow your Impact.


Inventive leaders are able to identify opportunities for growth and find new and innovative ways to solve problems. They  are often able to create a culture of innovation within their organization, encouraging others to think creatively and take risks. In this class we will explore how to grow your Inventiveness.


Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It’s about doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. It’s like being your own referee in the game of life. Learn how to develop your integrity in actionable steps.


Humility is the quality of being humble. It involves being open to feedback, willing to learn from others, and acknowledging your limitations and mistakes. In this class, learn how to develop humility to make a bigger impact to the people around you.


Conviction refers to the strength of one’s beliefs and the commitment to act in alignment with those beliefs. It is a valuable skill for leadership and career development because it allows individuals to demonstrate authenticity, build trust, and inspire others to take action. Let’s explore how to grow your Conviction.


Heartfulness is a holistic approach to life that includes mindfulness, compassion, empathy, and emotional intelligence. It’s about understanding your emotions, connecting with others on a deeper level, and acting from a place of compassion and empathy. In this class we will discuss the right ways to further develop your Heartfulness.


ME is about self-care. Self-care is any activity that we deliberately do to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. It’s not something that we force ourselves to do, or something we don’t enjoy doing. Self-care refuels us, rather than takes from us. In this class you learn how.



Prioritization is an important results-oriented leadership and career competency that involves the ability to identify and focus on the most important tasks or objectives. It involves making informed decisions about which tasks to tackle first, and which to defer or delegate to others. We will learn you the right techniques to get on top of things.

Action Orientation

If you are highly action-oriented, you’re the type of person who gets things done, whether on your own or through other people. You make good on your own commitments, and you make sure that other people do as well. Whatever you need to do for a project, you follow through on it. This class helps you to enhance that competency.


Persistence is an essential results-oriented leadership and career competency that refers to the ability to remain focused on a goal or task and to continue to work towards it despite obstacles, setbacks, or challenges. It involves the willingness to persevere through difficult times and to remain committed to achieving a specific objective.

Work Direction

Work Direction is about the ability to set clear goals, delegate tasks, and manage your time and resources effectively. This class is both for individual contributors and managers. it supports you to step up the effectiveness of your effort.

Project Management

In this class we will give you a thorough introduction to the main project management methodologies, tools and techniques currently used, like Agile, Scrum and Waterfall. It will equip you with the key skills to run complex projects. Get ready for an intense class.


As a career competency, planning involves the ability to establish clear goals and objectives, and to develop and implement a plan to achieve those objectives. It means being able to identify the steps required to achieve specific outcomes, and to establish timelines and benchmarks for measuring progress. This class will get you the core methods to step up your Planning competency.


When you possess this competency, you are able to take responsibility for your own success, and to hold yourself and others accountable for achieving specific outcomes. You are able to inspire and motivate others to take ownership of their work, and to work collaboratively to achieve shared goals. You are also willing to take risks, and to learn from their successes and failures, in order to achieve their desired outcomes. Let’s explore how to further develop your Ownership competency.

Systems Optimization

Systems Optimization is the ability to analyze processes and systems, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop strategies to optimize their performance. This class will teach you all key steps to get there.


Team Building

Team building is not just about forming a group of people. It’s about nurturing a sense of unity, trust, and mutual understanding amongst individuals so they can work towards a common goal efficiently and creatively. Learn how to do it in this class, as a team leader or team member.

Relationship Intelligence (RQ)

Relationship Intelligence, or RQ, is the ability to understand, interpret, and respond appropriately to social cues, to build positive relationships, and to influence others effectively. We will discuss in this class how to develop your RQ.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) refers to the ability to recognize, understand, and manage your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. Learn how to grow yours, with great examples of successful business people.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Cultural Intelligence, or CQ, is the ability to relate and work effectively across different cultural contexts. It goes beyond knowledge about other cultures and includes skills like adaptability, empathy, and resilience. In this class we teach you how to develop your CQ.


Effective communication: one of the core competencies to develop. It’s about clearly and accurately conveying information and ideas, as well as to listen actively and understand the perspectives and needs of others. In this fully packed class we teach you the key components of effective communication.


Influencing in an organizational and leadership context refers to the ability to persuade, motivate, and inspire others to act in a particular way. It is an important aspect of leadership, as leaders are often called upon to influence others to support their vision, goals, and initiatives. Let’s explore how you can best improve your Influencing competency.

Conflict Management

Conflict management at work refers to the strategies and techniques used to resolve disagreements, disputes, or differences of opinion among individuals or groups in a workplace setting. We address the right techniques and strategies in this class.

Organizational Insight

Organizational insight refers to a deep understanding of the inner workings, culture, and dynamics of an organization. Know how to find your way. Know how to get things accomplished. Let’s explore how to enhance your Org Insight in this class.


Growth Mindset

A growth mindset refers to a belief that your abilities, intelligence, and talents can be developed through hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn. People with a growth mindset believe that they can grow and improve, and that challenges and failures are opportunities to learn and develop. Let’s explore how to develop yours.

Business Sense

Business sense is about understanding business situations quickly and making decisions that lead to successful outcomes. In business this could refer to good commercial sense, in other orgs this refers to being eager to get top notch results, with as few resources as possible. In this class we tackle the key aspects of excellent business sense. 

Complexity Management

Complexity management in the workplace refers to the ability to effectively navigate, understand, and respond to complex situations and challenges. We discuss the main elements of complexity management and help you enhance your ability to successfully manage complexity.


Curiosity in career development refers to a desire to continuously learn, explore new ideas and opportunities, and to seek out new challenges. People who are curious in their careers are interested in expanding their knowledge and skills, and in discovering new ways to add value to their work and organizations. An inspiring class.

Future Focus

Future focus is the ability to anticipate future trends, scenarios, and possibilities, and to prepare for them effectively. It’s not about predicting the future; it’s about understanding the potential directions the future could take, and being ready for those possibilities. Ready for this class?

Social Justice

Social justice is about creating a society based on principles of equality and solidarity, that understands and values human rights, and that recognizes the dignity of every human being. Social justice is about actively addressing and dismantling systems of power and privilege that lead to discrimination and inequity. Take this packed class to learn more.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is like a mental workout. It’s all about coming up with fresh ideas and unique opportunities that can give a person or a company an edge over others. The main aim? To help them achieve their long-term goals more efficiently and effectively. A comprehensive class to step up your Strategic Thinking competency.


Sustainability is all about balancing our needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. This class leads you through the importance of sustainability today, the different dimensions of sustainability, and how to make it part of your job. With inspiring examples.



People who possess a high degree of self-awareness are able to recognize their own biases, limitations, and blind spots, and to work to address these areas of weakness. This can help them communicate more effectively with others, build stronger relationships, and make better decisions. In this class we will help yopu discover yours, and methods to further strengthen your self-awareness.


Courage is having mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. In this class we explore how to develop your courage.


Trust in the workplace means your colleagues enjoy a culture of honesty, psychological safety, and mutual respect. They’re proud of where they work and are more willing to go above and beyond for your organization. In this class you will learn how to instill trust in your environment.


Authenticity means you’re true to your own personality, values, and spirit, regardless of the pressure that you’re under to act otherwise. You’re honest with yourself and with others, and you take responsibility for your mistakes. Your values, ideals, and actions align. In this class you learn how to further develop your authenticity.


Resiliency is the mental fortitude that helps individuals recover quickly from difficulties. It’s about mental toughness and the ability to bounce back from adversity. In this class we help you to build yours.

Ambiguity Adaptive

Are you able to navigate and thrive in situations where the information, parameters, or goals are uncertain, unclear, or constantly changing? It is the capacity to handle and even embrace the unknown, complex, and unpredictable aspects of a situation. Learn how to enhance this competency.

Situational Adaptability

Being situationally adaptive means having the ability to adjust your behavior, approach, or skillset in response to changing circumstances, challenges, or expectations. Take this class to get the insights and practical advice on tweaking your contribution to the different situations you may encounter.


Blocked Learner

Being blocked as a learner in the workplace can hinder skill development, create resistance to change, prevent learning from mistakes, limit problem-solving abilities, and cultivate a negative reputation. These barriers can restrict career advancement and negatively affect work efficiency and collaboration. This is what you can do about it.

Advocate Dependence

When you rely excessively on a supporter, mentor, or advocate within an organization for your progress, success, or identity, you are too Advocate Dependent. While having a mentor is beneficial, over-reliance can hinder personal growth and carries the risk of being left without support if the advocate leaves the organization. Learn how to avoid it or bring it down.

Poor Administration

A poor administrator, characterized by inefficiency, poor time management, inability to delegate, and negative impact on teamwork, can significantly hamper career development. These characteristics may lead to decreased productivity, missed deadlines, burnout, team discord, and overlooked promotion opportunities. This class focuses on Improving these skills, since they are crucial for career advancement and organizational success.

Single-Skill Dependence

Having an over-dependence on a single skill can become a shadow competency, blindspot, or career roadblock in several ways: Limited career opportunities, inability to adapt to change, limited networking opportunities, a narrow perspective and reduced job security. Let’s learn how to avid or mitigate this roadblock.

What People Say About The Instructors

Georgette Verdin

In the years I worked with Jeff, he coached the managers and executives in what it means to live and work overseas, in a country other than your own.

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The other critical element is Jeff is deeply focused on the HR levers to move the people side of the business.

Jeff understands and can impact an organization’s’ development, and influence leaders to make the right decisions.


Amazon.com, Microsoft, Novartis

Jacqueline Biersma

Coaching is all about letting the potential bloom. Rogier coached me during my Nike years. It has had an impact for live and steered me to a successful career.

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Next to his professional approach, working with Rogier also means being coached with a pinch of fun. 

Global Assignments Director


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Get Your Questions Answered

We’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about The Career Cube.

"What is Career Cube?"

Career Cube.io is a platform for career-enhancing training, and a community to connect with peers around the world. It offers a large number of online classes that are geared to accelerate your career development. Created by a team of international career experts, it zooms in to all those ‘competencies’ that matter today and tomorrow. Based on common practice in top notch global companies, and tweaked to today’s evolving needs, it readies you for things to come. It sets you up to propel yourself to career excellence.

“What is included in The Career Cube membership?”

Your membership gives you access to:

– All of our classes, currently over 40, and growing week-by-week. These classes are based on career programs used in big tech and large companies, adjusted to the latest trends and needs in today’s business world.

– Our global network of Career Cubers, organized in Forums per competency. The network will grow into a rather international mix of people across all industries, and all functional areas. The intention of the network is to exchange views and ideas, and just connect with peers.

– The offer of a 1 on 1 intake call with on of the two co-founders. The intention is to help you set up well to make optimal use of our offer, tailored to your career needs.

– Monthly Cube Calls. In these online meets, topics will be discussed that are suggested by our members. Hosted by one of the two co-founders, we will invite external experts based on topics raised.

– On Demand Classes. Based on your needs we add classes on topics raised by you. With a typical development time of 3-4 weeks we add classes on topics you care about.


“Is it suitable for me, independent from where I am in my career?”

Sure it is! We created the materials particularly with three types of users in mind:

– College students. I.e. people who are approaching the last part of their studies and getting ready for their first job. The thinking here is that college often lacks a good preparation for landing a work environment. Our program helps you fill that gap.

– Early Career Professionals. I.e. people who are in their 1st or 2nd job and experiencing their real strengths and areas for development. Our offering helps them to both further enhance their talents, and address their development needs.

– Mid Career Professionals. I.e. people who are at a point that they want to make a choice. Pursue what you are doing? start another job? Our programs are very useful in terms of addressing the latest needs and requirements in work life. CareerCube.io is keen to support your up-skilling or re-skilling.

We recently also got some members who actually are at the last phase of their careers and were looking for ways to get ready for stepping up their ‘fit’ to job requirements, up-skilling them to complete their careers with success.



“Is it suitable for people living outside of the USA?”

Yes it is!

The materials are created by an international team with a lot of experience in all five continents.

Some of our recent members are based in Australia, South Africa and China. Some of them took the CareerCube.io membership to prepare for their studies in the USA. But the materials are created such that they can be used across the world.

“What are the payment methods?”

We make use of the Stripe payment method. This is a trusted global player, known for excellent security. This allows you to use any credit card of choice. In addition you can use Paypal to pay your subscription.

“Do I pay each month?”

For individual members we have two options. You either pay per month, and your membership is automatically continued each month, unless you drop us a mail before the end of the month ([email protected]). Or you take a yearly subscription and pay for 12 months upfront. When you pay annually, you benefit a 50% discount on membership fees!. Please note, that also the annual memberships continue automatically unless you give notice to us before the end of the year ([email protected]).

Or send us your question

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